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Leave of absence in term time

I wish to apply for Leave of Absence from school to be granted to:

 NameIn class
Student 1
Student 2
Student 3
I am also requesting leave of absence for a sibling at a different school
Name(s) of siblings:
School(s) requests submitted to:


  1. If your child is of compulsory school age and not home-schooled, you have a legal duty to ensure your child receives a suitable full time education through regular attendance at school.

  2. Any application for absence in school time must be made in advance by the parent(s) that the child normally resides with.

  3. Any leave of absences taken which have not been requested in advance will be recorded as unauthorised.

  4. The Headteacher can only approve leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.

  5. The Headteacher can determine how long an absence should be and any additional absence will not be authorised.

  6. Parents can be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecuted for unauthorised absence including holidays.

We have a shared responsibility to ensure that the law is upheld and that your child achieves their full potential. We look forward to your co-operation.