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Leave of Absence due to a Religious Observance

This form can be used to notify us that your child will be absent from school due to taking part in a religious observance. It should only be used in relation to days exclusively set aside for religious observance by the religious body the family belongs to. It should not be used for religious family ceremonies such as christenings or bar/bat mitzvah’s.

We are able to authorise one day’s absence for a religious observance. Any additional absence is discouraged and will be recorded as unauthorised. This is based upon guidance from Birmingham SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education) stating that there is no period of religious observance for longer than one day. If you would like clarification about this, please contact the Local Authority Attendance Officer, PO Box 16524, Birmingham, B2 2FP.

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If you don’t yet know the exact date on which the religious observance will fall, please list the potential dates above and then email us on when you know the confirmed date that your child will be absent.