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Personal Details

7. Have you been a UK resident for the last 3 years?*
8. Are you already on our waiting list?*
10.0 Are you in receipt of pupil premium funding?*
11.0 Are you a looked after child or previously looked-after child? (are you or have you ever been in the care of the local authority)*


12.0 Have you achieved a minimum grade 5 in either English Language or English Literature?*
13.0 Have you achieved a minimum grade 5 in mathematics?*
14.0 Have you achieved a minimum of five different subjects graded 7-9?*


Please use the next four questions to select the subjects you would like to study. - You can choose one subject from each block. - Most of you will be choosing three subjects across the four blocks, so please select the 'no subject in this block' option in the block you don't need to use. A-Level Option Blocks can be found here.

23.0 If you are intending to start with 4 subjects, what is your likely intention:*

Any other