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BBC School Report

The project is aimed at 11-18 year olds in schools and colleges across the UK.

Providing exclusive access to events, training and resources throughout the year, BBC School Report also gives young people the chance to share their stories with BBC editors and journalists and a chance to take part in programmes and broadcasting opportunities.

School Report is a partnership between BBC News, BBC Academy, BBC Childrens' and BBC Sport.

As part of the project BBC Academy offers training and online resources for schools and young people, and hundreds of BBC staff volunteer to mentor young people to share their skills and knowledge.

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  • The Forgotten Fighters of Flanders Fields

    Often, we’re taught about the trials and tribulations of World War I; the tragedies and turbulence that crashed upon the world like a wave of destruction. Every year, we wear a poppy to remember those who lost their lives fighting for us; fight
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  • Ambition

    Ambition. It’s a word that many people use to describe their dreams and hopes. Ambitions vary – some may be huge and full of success and riches, while others are simple and less hassle to live up to. But regardless of what type of ambitio
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