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Girl on Lockdown: Weeks 3-4

Sixth Form student Mahreen gives us an insight into her experiences during the unprecedented COVID-19 lockdown

It's safe to say that the Easter holiday totally disrupted by daily routine; the first few days composed of nothing other than sleeping, eating and having my eyes glued to a screen. Not my finest moment I must admit.  I discovered that it wasn’t only me, however, everybody I’d spoken too had also fallen into this slump; on the bright side, it only lasted a few days and once I’d broken out of it, I was the most energetic I had been since lockdown began. I finally got around to doing the little things that I would normally do during the Easter Holidays, such as cleaning every inch of my bedroom and organising my wardrobe. It was also a great time to learn skills such as cooking. Admittedly, I only cooked one dish and what would take my Mum a mere hour took me a good three… and that was with the help of my sister. Consequently, once I was done, I vowed never to step foot in the kitchen again; Unsurprisingly, that vow is broken.

The holidays also gave my family and I the chance to actually enjoy each other’s company and indulge in games such as Scrabble and Blackjack; it has actually been a great bonding experience. But with the good comes the ugly. Being stuck at home with my siblings has also made me question how we could possibly be related. We can have our moments of civility and kindness, but a lot of our encounters are random acts of hostility and confrontation. Especially with my younger brother. The older sister situation is definitely different; she doesn’t randomly punch my arm and run away so that’s something. But, as the middle child, I’m the one who must constantly endure their antics. But that’s family and if it weren’t for them, I’d be bored out of my mind.

As for the whole cycling endeavour and the desire to get a decent amount of daily exercise, well, I am whole-heartedly sorry to report that I failed. I did go on walks, however, but only when the weather was particularly pleasurable. Most of my vitamin-D came from bathing on the swing in my garden, which in fact was extremely pleasant; I had the wonderful view of my mum’s recently planted flowers, which were coming along very well. So, no complaints there.

All in all, this Easter holiday may just have been the weirdest one yet, but It has been an interesting experience that will make one great memory.

I hope you are all well rested and ready for another term at home!