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By Beth (Year 10) & Grace (Year 8)

“it doesn’t matter if you win or lose,
it’s what you do with your 
dancing shoes”

As Vince Fontain himself says and I think every Grease dancer will agree with me when I say, every night I felt like I was winning. 

For three nights as part of the cast we worked to recreate the much loved 50s musicial, my personal highlights were Greased Lightning and the Hand Jive Dance Competition. 

It was such an amazing experience and on behalf of all the dancers would like to thank all the teachers and students who worked behind the scenes, especially Miss Rutherford who choreographed all of our phenomenal dance routines.

Over 700 parents, relatives and friends flocked to see the school production of Grease last week. And they all agreed – it was a hit!

From Thursday to Saturday we lit up the hall with favourites: “Summer Lovin”, “Grease is the Word”, and of course, “You’re the One That I Want”.

It took almost 100 of us to bring Grease to the stage and we’ve been working hard since September. The cast, musicians, sound and lighting crew and the stage hands gave everything we’d got to entertain the three audiences who could be heard clapping and singing along to their favourite tunes.

Of course, we couldn't have done it without the teachers: Mrs Mahoney, who directed us, has high hopes every year but says this year was special. “The cast have been so well prepared; it’s made my job much easier than usual. Everyone involved gets such a lot out of it. It’s a wonderful experience for them, and for me.”

Mr Collet took on the music and the band, with an enthusiastic Mr Joshi on piano, a pitch-perfect Mrs Winch on vocals, and expert strummers Mr Field and Mr Millman on guitar. Miss Rutherford kept us all on our toes with her choreography and Miss Pettit’s costumes transformed us from Sutton Girls to Rydell High students.

Everyone involved has such a good time that once it’s over all we can think is: I wonder what we’ll be doing next year? Watch this space!