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Year 7 visit to the CBSO

Year 7 battle the weather to see the CBSO at Birmingham’s Symphony Hall

On 7th February, Year 7 had a very exciting trip to see the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (CBSO) in Symphony Hall. We arrived very excited (and soggy!) and soon managed to get to our seats.

The concert started with the busting Classical Masquerade. Soon after we were introduced to the string family by out host. Next, we had the smooth, Gentle ‘La Nuit et l ’amour’ from the 19th Century. We were then introduced to the woodwind family who displayed to us the first moment of the Wind Serenade Op 44 by Dvorak with its swirling, crashing crescendos. Once we had been introduced to the brass family, they led us through a piece by Gabrieli written for an important event in 16th century Venice.

Just before our next piece we met the percussion family. We were highly impressed how the snare drummer could play even while had had a drum case put on his head (placed there by the cheeky host!). They gave use the speedy Spanish Bolero. Now we moved on to the rather modern and clashing tune from Angry Birds. We heard a roar of approval (mainly from the other schools!) as it began. The one we were all waiting for was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – Harry’s Wonderful World. The host introduced us to the conductor, Mike Seal, and his wand-like baton. The swinging baton led us into this beautiful and rather famous piece. However, the next piece was, well, entertaining! The host got us up on our feet and soon (even the teachers!!!) were dancing along to the tune of Soul Bossa Nova.

We were now reaching the end of the concert. We were next led back to the Appian Way in Ancient Rome where we heard the grand arrival of the Roman Army. Before we realised it this magical time had ended and were filing back into the rain. However, it was such a magical experience that I don’t think anyone will forget our highly fun outing to see the CBSO!

- Hana in Year 7