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Anxiety is a part of life and can be a positive force that can help us to avoid danger and motivate us to solve everyday problems.  It can vary in intensity from a mild feeling of unease to a terrifying panic attacks and can vary in how long it lasts from short periods to months on end.  We know it is ‘normal’ to feel anxious about an exam or having to speak in public for example, but if the feelings are difficult to cope with, longer lasting and severely impacting on your quality of life then it is best to look for help. 

There are strategies that can help with anxiety which can be found on some of the self-help sections of the links, but it is also important to speak to someone about your anxiety if it is affecting how you are able to lead your life.

You will never, in your life, ever have to deal with anything more than the next minute. However much it feels like you are approaching an event — an exam, a conversation, a decision, a kiss — where if you screw it up, the entire future will burn in hell in front of you, and you will end, you will not. 

That will never happen. That is not what happens. The minutes always come one at a time, inside days that come one at a time — all orderly strung, like pearls on a necklace, suspended in a graceful line. You will never, ever have to deal with more than the next 60 seconds. Do the calm right thing that needs to be done in that minute. The work, or the breathing, or the smile. And if you can do a minute, you can do the next.

Caitlin Moran

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