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Character Education

Here at Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls we provide students with a wide range of opportunities to enable them to fulfil their potential in school and prepare them for adult life. Lessons and academic study teach the knowledge needed to achieve success in examinations, but we believe there is so much more to education than that.

Through our Character Education programme: ‘Be Your Best Self’, we aim to develop in our students the character strengths they will need to flourish throughout life. Our character is who we are, and incorporates how we respond to events in our lives, how we interact with other people, our moral values and our mind-set. There are many different ways students can develop their Character in and out of school for example: through assemblies, Weekly Theme, PSHE, classroom lessons, charity events, volunteering and the House System.

Students are rewarded for showing the character strengths: Respect, Positive and Resilient, Make Good Decisions, Integrity and Love of Learning. These points are recorded on 'Sleuth'. Points are then added to the House totals and will also contribute towards students’ own rewards as they progress through the school. There are opportunities every day for everyone in school to be the best version of themselves, it is up to us all to make the positive step forward towards success and personal fulfilment.