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Duke of Edinburgh's Award

About the Award

At Sutton Girls School, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award has become a cornerstone of our commitment to holistic education. Successfully running at both Bronze level in Year 10 and Gold in Year 12 & 13, this programme exemplifies our dedication to fostering personal development, resilience, and teamwork amongst our students. Through engaging in challenging expeditions, volunteering, and skill-building activities, participants not only earn a prestigious award but also cultivate lifelong skills and a sense of community responsibility. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award at Sutton Girls is a testament to our students' achievements and their journey towards becoming well-rounded individuals. 

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Why do the Award? 

The award is open to all young individuals, without consideration of factors like gender, physical ability, or academic performance. Recognition and rewards are based on personal improvement, making it accessible for anyone to participate and strive for individual growth. This inclusive approach aims to create a supportive environment where all young people have the opportunity to be acknowledged for their progress. 

It enhances CV’s and job applications. The Award communicates qualities such as commitment, accomplishment, and the capacity to step beyond one's comfort zone. Additionally, it serves as a compelling discussion topic with potential employers, showcasing your ability to work both independently and as part of a team.


Contributing to the community: Our students dedicated 1794 hours to volunteer work in the local community last year. We take immense pride in their commitment, effort, and dedication.

Volunteering opportunities are accessible during lunchtime and after school, at school, or you can explore a variety of options within our broader community.


An opportunity to cultivate and acquire new skills awaits. Whether it's delving into the art of photography, mastering a new language, exploring the world of music, or honing your culinary prowess, there's a diverse range of possibilities for skill development and learning. Embrace the chance to broaden your skill set and unlock your potential in various ways. Ideas can be found here.


Embracing a healthy and active lifestyle is paramount. It not only contributes to overall well-being but also presents an opportunity for continuous personal development.

Whether you choose to advance in your current sport or venture into a new activity that challenges you physically, the journey towards an active lifestyle fosters resilience, strength, and a sense of accomplishment. Seize the chance to push your boundaries and thrive in the pursuit of a healthier, more vibrant life. Ideas can be found here.


The Duke of Edinburgh expedition offers a transformative and adventurous experience for participants. Engaging in outdoor exploration and teamwork, the expedition component of the program encourages young individuals to develop essential life skills such as resilience, leadership, and self-reliance. Whether navigating challenging terrains or facing unforeseen obstacles, participants not only build a strong sense of camaraderie but also gain valuable insights into their own capabilities. The Duke of Edinburgh expedition serves as a memorable journey of self-discovery, fostering personal growth and creating lasting memories for those who embark on this inspiring adventure.

Residential (Gold Award only)

The National Citizenship Programme (NCS) is organised through school during Year 11 and student complete it in the summer after completing their GCSE examinations. However, further residential opportunities can be found here.

Important Links

Residential Approval Forms (Gold Award only)

Activity Logs

Participant medical consent form - 

Preparing for your expedition - 

Parents' Information Evening - March 2024

Following the information evening on Tuesday 19th March, please find below all the necessary information regarding the Bronze Award: