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Exam Stress

If you're anxious about the amount of studying you have to do, try breaking it up into chunks and creating a daily timetable, so you know what you want to study when. This can make revision feel less overwhelming and much more manageable.

Be realistic about what you can achieve in a day - an unrealistic revision plan won't help you, and will put you under unnecessary stress.

Make sure you take regular breaks from studying. Your brain cannot concentrate for hours at a time.

Not everyone studies the same way. Some people prefer to read, others find it helpful to make notes or draw diagrams, while others prefer to talk things through. Do what works for you.

Focus on you and don't compare yourself to others. It can be really stressful when you think everyone is doing better than you, spending more time on revision than you, or just not stressing out as much as you. But we're all different and that's ok. Remember, your friends don’t have their results guaranteed – life is unpredictable – and they might well be feeling just as worried as you are.