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School History

This section describes the history of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls. Our aim is to ensure that the foundation of the school and historical events affecting the school are not forgotten, and to provide a window through which to look back on.

These pages are not intended to be a final or official record of history, but to allow former staff and students to contribute their piece of history as they remember it, and assist current staff and students in understanding the beginnings of what is a very successful educational establishment with many traditions.

There have been several previous attempts at recording the School's history, one of which forms the first link. It was written by AA Fairn and covers the years 1929 to 1976.

Another version has been produced by Grace Whitehouse (née McNairnie) covering the years 1929 to 1983, and former Headmistress, Jennifer Jones, has recorded events from 1983 to 1999. Each has been reproduced within this site and where possible have been enhanced by pictures made available over the years.

At the moment, the book "Sixty Years of Sutton Coldfield Girls' School 1929 - 1989" produced for the Jubilee Reunion written by a former pupil, Jane Thompson, is defying attempts to be scanned into these pages with any sort of quality. It is hoped that we can overcome the difficulties soon.

If you have a memory of a particular event or pictures you wish to be published please contact the school.

All the original documents and images are held by the School Library.