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Student Leadership Team

The Student Leadership team consists of Senior Student Ambassadors, Senior Prefects and Prefects.


Sixth Form students apply for these positions of responsibility in the spring term of Year 12. Following a selection process which involves speaking in assembly, a staff and student vote and an interview with the Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form, the appointments are made. There is then a hand over from the previous team of Year 13 students prior to their study leave.


The four Senior Student Ambassadors have responsibility for the whole school themes of charity, well-being, school forum and the house system. The Ambassadors lead teams of prefects to make a difference to our school community and engage with students from all year groups. Overall we have over 80 Sixth Form students actively involved in leadership roles.



For 2020/21 the Senior Student Ambassadors are Tia for the House System, Esha for Student Forum, Ru for Charity and Molly for Well-being.


There are four other teams that are led by Senior Prefects who oversee Curriculum Enhancement, the transition to Year 7, Sixth Form Well-being and Character Development. The transition teams are always very busy in the autumn term but support continues throughout the year, with Student Leaders liaising closely with the Head of Year. The Curriculum Enhancement team are raising the profile of arts subjects and bringing opportunities to all students to find out about lesser known career pathways, including launching a creative curriculum week in the autumn term.


In addition to their specific roles, the Student Leadership Team provides a vital link between students and staff. They routinely contribute to the life of the school, provide support and guidance to younger students and are fantastic role models.


Students in Years 7 to 11 have opportunities to develop their leadership skills by taking on form captain or sports captain roles and being part of the School Forum.