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SCGSG Food Court

Menu for w/c 19.10.2020

Pain au chocolate, croissants, waffles, breakfast muffins, pizza, garlic bread, fruit pots, veg pots.

Lunchtime menu:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  • Pork  sausages with gravy,  mash & carrots
  • Vegetarian sausages with gravy, mash & carrots
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • BBQ chicken with potato cubes and peas
  • Homemade cheddar cheese & leek pasty with fries/peas
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • Spaghetti  beef bolognaise, carrots
  • Spaghetti Quorn bolognaise, carrots
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
Thursday Friday
  • Chicken curry rice & naan bread, sweetcorn
  • Vegan Quorn & vegetable curry with rice and naan bread, sweetcorn
  • Pasta and tomato sauce
  • Fish and chips with peas
  • Macaroni cheese with peas
  • Pasta and tomato sauce

As well as the lunchtime menu, we have a range of snacks available too including: vegan nuggets, pork sausage rolls, vegan sausage rolls, chicken pie, chicken goujons, cheese & onion pies, cubes/wedges, jacket potatoesgf, baked beansgf, or spaghetti hoops.

Whole fruit, fruit pots, sweet snacks and a range of Gluten Free options.