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16-19 Bursary

16-19 Bursary Policy 2021-22
16-19 Bursary Application 2021-22

Absence Forms

Regular attendance is an important factor in your child's performance at school. Please think carefully before deciding to request leave of absence.

To inform us of an unplanned absence, such as illness, or in the event of queries, please email

To inform us of planned absence, please use the appropriate form from those below:

Application for Authorised Leave of Absence (Green form)
Medical, hospital, dental appointments, close family funerals, interviews, Open Days, music, dance and theatre exams, practical driving tests, representing school, education-related.  

Whenever possible please make dental and doctor's appointments outside school hours.

Application for Leave for a Religious Observance

Days set aside for religious observance. 

Application for Leave of Absence for a school pupil in term-time (Pink form)
Any absence not covered by the forms above.

Please note - Requests to authorise leave are unlikely to be granted unless there are exceptional circumstances. We are guided on exceptional circumstances for leave within term time by Birmingham City Council. Whilst the final decision lies with the school, they ask the head to consider the examples below as exceptional:

  • Death of a parent/carer or sibling
  • Life-threatening illness of a parent/carer or sibling
  • Recuperation of a parent/carer recovering from critical illness/surgery
  • Leave where the parent is in armed forces and has leave directed


Financial Assistance and Free School Meals

Financial Assistance Form
Application For Free School Meals

Gift Aid Declaration and Bank Standing Order


Students with Mobility Issues


PDF documents will require a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Reader.