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Sixth Form

Exploring these different sections will offer excellent preparation for a successful start in September. A little of each will give you an insight into the possibilities for next year and how we can further support you during your Sixth Form journey.


Being successful at A-Level is not just about academic work, it is crucial that we all look after our own physical and mental wellbeing, and at Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls we understand the importance of this self-care. The following information provides a range of suggestions that you can try to help you relax and reset whenever you feel it is needed.

Get Active

Be Mindful

Try Something New

Give to Others

During COVID-19, you are helping others by staying home. If you would like to read about other suggestions of giving to others, please follow the link below:

Have Fun

Any of the above!

Sixth Form Skills

These resources introduce you to different ideas to start developing an A-Level mindset for success. The A-Level choices resource is if you are still unsure on your subjects – remember we offer a period of time in September where the subject may be changed to ensure you get the right selection for you.


Now is an excellent time to develop your softer skills for the future, create a CV and start researching career options. Over the coming weeks, we will upload more activities that you might like to try. 

University Applications

In order to make a successful application to universities, apprenticeships and the world of work, it is important to be able to demonstrate super-curricular enrichment. The aim here is to discover a topic that interests you, where you can delve deeper to improve your knowledge and understanding.

As an example, there are a range of MOOC (online courses) available through the FutureLearn and Coursera online platforms, and if you have a Unifrog account you will be able to access a range of these courses. Completing this wider learning will not only assist in the knowledge needed during your A-Level study, it will also develop your skills and understanding beyond the A-Level syllabus.